Christian Activist Calls Off “Faggots Are Maggots Tour” Because Other Hate Group Leaders Want No Part Of It

A sad update from Christian activist Mike Heath:

For a bit over a week I’ve been salting my COLUMNS with the english words “faggot” and “maggot.” I started doing it with a promise that I’d do a World Tour because it is a fact that Faggots are Maggots. I probably won’t do the Tour. Not because I don’t want to do it. I won’t do it because Tony Perkins, Tim Wildmon, Franklin Graham, Jim Dobson and Pope Francis won’t help me.

What … you think it doesn’t take money and institutional support to do a fifty state tour before the Presidential election?! You know it does. I knew that when I wrote the COLUMN. I didn’t care when I wrote it whether I could fulfill the promise. I felt a nudge of the Holy Spirit telling me that I should write and publish it anyway. And then He told me to double down on being free to use the words faggot and maggot if I choose.

The concept of sexual orientation helps satan weaponize sex against the dignity of men and women. If you were to open your eyes fully to the significance of the threat “progressive” ideology now poses to your children and grandchildren’s future you wouldn’t be worrying about men like me who use words like faggot and maggot. You’d be examining your own history, words and actions to discover how you contributed to this mess.

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