Brazil Sees First Virus Case, 57 US Cases, Ship Diverted

The Insider reports:

The coronavirus has now reached every continent on earth except for Antarctica after Brazil confirmed its first case. On Tuesday, Brazil’s ministry of health confirmed that a man in São Paulo had tested positive for COVID-19, according to Reuters.

The 61-year-old male returned to São Paulo from Lombardy, Italy, on February 21, the ministry said. He had flown to Italy for work on February 9.

In Europe, Italy is the worst-hit region. As of Wednesday, 11 people have died from the virus, and at least 322 people are infected. 12 towns have been placed under quarantine. France recorded its first death on Wednesday.

Axios reports:

There are now 57 confirmed cases in the U.S., a CDC spokesperson told Axios. 40 are from the Diamond Princess, 3 evacuated from Wuhan, 12 are travel-related, and 2 are person-to-person infections. Officials expected such an increase after the passengers were allowed to return home from Japan against their initial advice.

An 80-year old passenger became on Tuesday the fourth person from the ship to die, the Japanese health ministry confirmed. 691 infections have been confirmed among the passengers and crew.

San Francisco declared a coronavirus emergency Tuesday despite no residents testing positive for the virus — though three people have been treated for it in city hospitals. There’s only been two cases of person-to-person infections in the U.S. so far, but the CDC  warns Americans should prepare for a broader outbreak.

The New York Post reports:

A cruise ship carrying more than 4,500 passengers in the Caribbean became the latest to be turned away from ports amid fears of the coronavirus — this time in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, according to a report.

The MSC Meraviglia arrived in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, from Miami on Tuesday morning but local authorities said no one could disembark after a crew member was said to be ill, according to the Mirror.

The Filipino worker, who had traveled to Miami from Manila, “developed symptoms of common flu and tested positive to type A influenza” while on board, MSC Cruises, the ship’s owner and operator, told The Post.