Biden: Sanders Should “Disown” Abusive Supporters

The Nevada Independent reports:

Culinary Union officials have faced threatening phone calls, emails and tweets and say their personal information was shared online after the release of a union scorecard that took particular aim at Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. Secretary-Treasurer Geoconda Arguello-Kline, for instance, has come under attack for her Nicaraguan heritage, and union spokeswoman Bethany Khan was accused of being paid off by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and other Democratic establishment types.

In tweets, the union and its leadership have been referred to as “bitches,” “whore,” “fucking scab” and “evil, entitled assholes.” In one email, which the union provided to the Independent, Culinary leaders are referred to as “corrupt mother fuckers” and says that it’s “time for people like me to go after you. Apologize and fix your mistake or else you will pay … I know tens of thousands of Bernie supporters and we will come after you fascist imbeciles,” it continues. “#Bernie2020 #NotMeUs.”

Mediaite reports:

Today on Meet The Press, Joe Biden ripped Bernie Sanders for not doing more to disown attacks from his supporters on officials at the Culinary Workers Union.

“He may not be responsible for it, but he has some accountability,” Biden said. “You know me well enough to know if any of my supporters did that, I’d disown them. Flat disown them.’

“Just go online,” he continued. “The things they said — the vicious, malicious misogynistic things they said, the threats they put out.  So far I don’t think it’s sufficient just to say ‘I disassociate myself.’”