Anti-Gay Televangelist Settles Same-Sex Abuse Lawsuit

The Associated Press reports:

A confidential settlement has been reached in a former Ohio megachurch pastor’s lawsuit alleging televangelist Ernest Angley sexually abused and harassed him over a decade, starting in 2004. The allegations by Brock Miller, of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, included that Angley inspected his genitals and asked him sexual questions while he worked at Angley’s Grace Cathedral in Cuyahoga Falls.

The first allegation of sexual misconduct Miller alleges in his lawsuit happened just prior to his wedding. Still a virgin at age 19, he had questions about sex that he wanted answered. He naturally went to Angley. “And instead of giving me an answer like a pastor should, he said, well, I’m going to have to see your penis,” Miller recalled. “I trusted this man, I really did. I trusted him. I didn’t think he had any bad intentions.” Angley advised Brock to masturbate. He complied.

From a January 2019 report:

In 1996, internationally known televangelist Ernest Angley admitted to his assistant minister that he had had sexual relations with a man who was employed by their church, Grace Cathedral in Cuyahoga Falls. The telephone conversation was tape-recorded and made available to the Beacon Journal and last month.

The person who provided the tape did so for a promise of anonymity. That person felt called to action after reading about an exchange of lawsuits between Angley and another former Grace Cathedral pastor, the Rev. Brock Miller. Miller sued Angley in August, claiming that sexual abuse Angley inflicted upon him has caused permanent damage. Angley has countersued for defamation.

The source believed releasing the tape would show that Angley, who has preached vehemently against the “sin” of homosexuality, has a history of sexual abuse involving his employees. Angley has consistently condemned homosexuality. In a 1995 book called “Oh, God, What a Mess!” he wrote, “Homosexuality is vile, vile before God; and it will send souls to hell.”

In 2018 Angley was also sued for pressuring congregants to work for free at his for-profit restaurant, telling them they would be “blaspheming against the Holy Ghost” if they refused.

VIDEO: Here’s a November 2018 interview with the young pastor who sued Angley for sexual abuse. Apparently his breaking point was when Angley wanted to kiss.