Another Ex-Staffer Sues Netanyahu’s Wife For Abuse

The Times of Israel reports:

Another former worker at the Prime Minister’s Residence is suing Sara Netanyahu for mistreatment, Channel 12 reported today. The woman, a 56-year-old immigrant from France, is seeking NIS 650,000 ($189,000) in damages for a series of accusations including work-related harassment and abusive employment.

Several former employees have claimed mistreatment and abuse by the prime minister’s wife. The official residence’s former caretaker successfully sued her for verbal and emotional abuse, as did another former worker.

Netanyahu allegedly forbade the former staffer to eat, drink, or rest, and she was required to change her clothes dozens of times a day. She was also required to wash her hands about 100 times a day with hot water.

Last year Sara Netanyahu was convicted of misusing public funds for charging the state for hundreds of delivery meals from upscale restaurants despite having an in-house kitchen staff. She last appeared on JMG when she stormed the cockpit of a commercial flight to berate the pilot for failing to announce her presence to fellow passengers.