Ambassador’s “Stalker” Is Cooperating With Congress

The Daily Beast reports:

Not long ago, he was accused of tracking a U.S. ambassador from the shadows. Now he says he wants to step into the light and share what he knows with Congress. Robert Hyde, the Trump donor with ties to indicted Trumpworld associate Lev Parnas, has recently communicated with and provided documents to the House Foreign Affairs Committee about its investigation into the campaign against former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch in Ukraine, The Daily Beast has learned.

When asked what he gave the congressional committee, Hyde told The Daily Beast: “Everything that I had between Parnas and I.” He said the committee wanted to “talk about Parnas and how I know him.” Hyde said he’d spoken to the House committee several times to aid in its investigation. Chairman Rep. Eliot Engel (D-NY) said Jan. 15 that his committee would investigate the Hyde-Parnas text messages, saying in a statement that they were “profoundly alarming.”