White House Streams Video Of Pastor’s Claim That Homosexuality Is Caused By “Demonic Spirits” [VIDEO]

The Independent reports:

The White House has live-streamed a church service which saw the US vice-president speak and a bishop claim “the devil” causes homosexuality. After Mike Pence addressed the congregation in Tennessee, the preacher took to the pulpit to talk about same-sex relations in a sermon still available on the administration’s Youtube channel.

“It is a demonic spirit that causes a woman to want to live with another woman,” he said. “It is a demonic spirit that causes a man to be attracted to another man.”

The preacher, who has been named as the bishop Jerry Wayne Taylor, claimed the “devil” is trying to “destroy the foundation of marriage” and “cut off the reproduction process”. “Two men can’t have a baby. Two women can’t have a baby,” he told the congregation at the Holy City Church of God in Christ.

The pastor also falsely claimed that homosexuality does not exist in nature, telling Pence’s audience that “you never see two male animals coming together.”