WH Trolls Schiff With Road Runner Cartoon [VIDEO]

Trolling is all they have:

Dan Scavino, the Social Media Director at the White House, tweeted this “Looney Tunes” parody video mocking House impeachment manager Adam Schiff.

The video, created by memesmith Politizoid, shows Schiff as the classic cartoon character Wile E. Coyote, who is best known for perpetually trying and failing to catch the Road Runner.

In the cartoon, “Trump Runner (Tweetatus Maximus)” repeatedly outsmarts “Schiff T. Coyote (Politicus Hackitus)” culminating in a scene where the “Trump Non-Stop 2020 Express Train” defeats Schiff’s “Impeachment” rocket that is labeled “Powered by CNN.”

The clip was posted to YouTube last year.