VIRAL VIDEO: Woman Launches Wild F-Bomb Tirade After Being Told To Stop Hassling People About Jesus

The Friendly Atheist reports:

Imagine you go to Walmart, do your shopping, and now you’re ready to pay for everything and leave. That’s when the customer behind you begins to proselytize. She wants you to know all about Jesus. Awkward. Annoying. You want it to end. You politely tell her you’re not interested.

Then she gets mad. And she yells at you. And it turns out she swears like a goddamn pirate. (Sample line: “Shut your f**kin’ mouth, b*tch. If you don’t have Jesus Christ in your heart, I feel f**kin’ sorry for you.”) That’s when you break out your phone to get it all on tape.

I stopped counting at 20 F-bombs.