Scott Lively: Enlist In My “Revolutionary Regiment” And Help Rescue America From The Tyranny Of The Godless

From the website of anti-LGBT activist Scott Lively:

We are men who are awakened to the reality that this nation, which aspired from its first breath to be the world’s Shining City on a Hill, now teeters on the edge of a precipice over a dark chasm of Atheistic Socialism.

Every Black Robed pastor enters today’s Army of the Republic as a Colonel.  Every Bishop enters as a General. It falls to each of us to raise our own troops to serve under our command in the work of rescuing the nation from the Tyranny of the Godless.

The Revolutionary Remnant Regiment is Dr. Lively’s own model for organizing. Both clergy and lay persons may join the RRR. As Clergy, each of us is Separately Empowered to Arm Ourselves with the Redemptive Weaponry of the Bible and to Wage Spiritual and Cultural War to Destroy the Fortresses of Darkness and Rescue their Captives.

This is work for true men who are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ nor intimidated by the condemnation and ridicule of the world. Our example will embolden others to follow.

That’s just a taste. There’s a shitload more crazy at the link as well as an enlistment form. Please do not enlist with any obscene fake names. That would be terrible, Muriel.