SCOTLAND: Sturgeon Vows To Renew Independence Campaign As “The UK We Voted For No Longer Exists”

Agence France-Presse reports:

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on Friday said she was ready to step up the campaign for Scottish independence, as Brexit has set the country on the “wrong road.” In a speech in Edinburgh, the leader of the pro-independence Scottish National Party (SNP) said Britain’s departure from the European Union was a “pivotal moment” for the U.K. and Scotland.

“As of 11 p.m. tonight the U.K. that Scotland voted to remain part of, a U.K. inside the EU, the status quo that a majority voted for, will no longer exist,” she said. “There will be a material change in the circumstances that prevailed in 2014,” she said, referring to the last referendum on Scottish independence.

The Scotsman reports:

Nicola Sturgeon has warned she may be prepared to press ahead with plans for a “consultative” referendum on independence without the UK Government if Boris Johnson continues to rule out a repeat of the 2014 vote on leaving the UK.

Setting out the next steps in the campaign for independence on Brexit Day, Ms Sturgeon also revealed plans to establish a new “constitutional convention” to establish a new Claim of Right and forge a broader campaign for a Yes vote.

The First Minister warned that the legal position on whether the Scottish Parliament could stage such a vote is “unclear” but that she may be ready to test this in court and rejected claims it would be a “wildcat” vote.