Robert Hyde Does Utterly Bizarre Interview [VIDEO]

Mediaite reports:

Robert Hyde, a Republican candidate for Congress and the latest person at the center of the Trump-Ukraine scandal after his messages to indicted Rudy Giuliani’s associate Lev Parnas were revealed, joined Chris Cuomo on CNN for an incredibly awkward and bizarre interview on Wednesday.

“I apologize to Eric Bolling, my man, I was supposed to do him first. Hopefully he lets me back on some day. I brought notes from the Crown Plaza, not the Ritz like Lev. You guys put me in the Crown, so I just made these notes pretty much in the bathroom.”

“I wanna thank you and CNN for this opportunity,” Hyde remarked in an awards ceremony style. “I wanna thank President Trump and the U.S. Military for providing us the blanket of freedom to do this show. I wanna congratulate Derek Jeter, that was huge…”

That’s just a tiny taste. Watch the clip for several truckloads of crazy. Edited out, for some reason, was his closing shout out to Michael Jackson “from the grave.”