Rick Wilson: Brace Yourselves For President Junior

Rick Wilson writes for The Daily Beast:

Get ready for Donald Trump Jr., a man who speaks the fluent asshole dialogue of the own-the-libs Trump Party, to rise to the top of the 2024 GOP primary ranks. The dynastic talk that was once treated as a joke (even by me) is already growing around both Don Jr. and Ivanka. Poor Eric is left out, but then again, he always has been.

Don Jr. might as well have a Pepe back tattoo, given how beloved he is by the alt-right and how frequently he boosts the social-media posts of the assorted race-war flotsam that follows his father.

He’s already teased about running for governor of New York or mayor of New York City, but a better bet will be a quickie relocation to Montana or some other state, at least nominally, before he launches his political career.

That’s just a taste. Wilson, should you be unaware, is the author of Everything Trump Touches Dies, and today’s essay contains many of his scathingly memorable turns of phrase. I insist you read it all.