Red-Caped Loons: Stop The Super Bowl Drag Queens

Just in via email from Tradition, Family, & Property:

The Super Bowl is going to be showing a commercial that will feature two “drag queens,” men cross-dressed as women. The commercial is by Sabra, a hummus brand, and is a push to promote and normalize “transgenderism” to the general public.

According to reports: “The most watched event of the year, the Super Bowl, usually has some of the most highly-watched commercials of the year, and this year there’s going to be a commercial with a feature never seen before in a Super Bowl commercial: drag queens.

All of this comes after major pushes to promote Drag Queen events to “groom” the youth at public libraries. Now, Drag Queens will appear on public television when approximately 100 million viewers will be watching the game…including impressionable children!

Please sign our petition, telling the Super Bowl to stop promoting drag queens.