POLL: 66% Say Senate Trial Should Have Witnesses

ABC News reports:

Two-thirds of Americans in a new ABC News/Washington Post poll say the U.S. Senate should call new witnesses at Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, and the public is divided on his removal from office – even as Trump’s approval rating has rallied to match his career high.

Forty-four percent now approve of Trump’s performance in office; 51% disapprove, maintaining his position as the first president in modern history never to achieve majority approval. That said, bolstered by the economy, his approval is up 6% since late October, with disapproval down 7 points to a new low.

He’s at a record high in approval among men, 57%, compared with 33% approval among women – the widest gender gap to date, 24 points. The gap between non-college white men and college-educated white women also is at a new high, 38 points – 75 vs. 37%.