One Million Moms Vs Super Bowl Drag Queens

Via email from hate group leader Monica Cole:

The NFL and Fox are set to make history this year by airing a Super Bowl ad that features drag queens. It’s will be the first commercial of its kind in Super Bowl history, and One Million Moms is asking that it be removed from the advertising lineup immediately. An ad promoting drag queens is not what we had in mind when urging the NFL to keep the Super Bowl LIV commercials and halftime entertainment family-friendly.

Sabra Dipping Company LLC is choosing to push an agenda of sexual confusion instead of promoting its actual product. The PC-inclusive ad blurs the biological distinctions between male and female. Normalizing this lifestyle is contrary to what conservative, Christian parents are teaching their children about God’s design for sexuality. Thanks Sabra! Now parents have to explain to their confused children!

The NFL has not been very adept at dealing with controversies, and this year is no different. Please sign our petition to the NFL and FOX requesting Super Bowl LIV be kept suitable for all ages, since children will also be watching the game this Sunday, Feb. 2.

Take Action: Sign the petition to the NFL and FOX urging the Sabra Hummus drag queen advertisement be canceled and removed from the Super Bowl commercial lineup immediately. Parents are asking the NFL and FOX network to stop approving inappropriate marketing campaigns. 1MM urges this ad be pulled in an effort to keep Super Bowl LIV clean and family-friendly.