Newt Gingrich Falsely Claims Iran Had Role In 9/11

Media Matters reports:

On Wednesday morning’s edition of Fox & Friends, Fox News contributor Newt Gingrich pushed for regime change in Iran, insisting that it’s the best long-term option and that Iran is not “too big” of a country. In making his case, Gingrich claimed that Iran “get[s] away with an amazing number of things, including court findings and 9/11 Commission findings that they directly helped the people who attacked us on 9/11 and killed 3,000 people.” The show’s co-hosts did not counter his claim.

The push to link Iran with 9/11 echoes a tweet sent by Vice President Mike Pence over the weekend, which drew widespread criticism and was swiftly debunked as misleading. Although Pence’s spokesperson pointed to a State Department document that claims Iran permitted members of Al Qaeda to travel through Iran to Afghanistan, where some received military training, this is not evidence that Iran or Soleimani knowingly helped to carry out the attacks. Additionally, the 9/11 Commission Report found that Iran was not involved with and had no knowledge of the attacks that occurred on September 11.

Two days ago Trump held a secret White House meeting with representative of Saudi Arabia, whose citizens actually did play a role in 9/11.

That meeting only came to light after a Saudi prince tweeted a photo of himself in the Oval Office. White House reporters have filed a complaint.