Lev Parnas Buries Trump, Pence, Barr, Giuliani [VIDEO]

Newsweek reports:

Mike Pence was given the task of telling Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskiy that if he did not announce his government’s investigation into the Bidens, the U.S. would not provide any military aid.

When asked if Pence was aware of the quid pro quo, Parnas said, “I’m going to use a famous quote from [Ambassador Gordon] Sondland. Everybody was in the loop.”

Parnas said that Pence was scheduled to be a guest at Zelenskiy’s inauguration. “It was already planned out, it was already discussed,” Parnas said. But Parnas told Zelenskiy’s senior aide Sergei Schaffer that if the investigation were not announced, then the relationship between Ukraine and the U.S. would become “sour.”

The Hill reports:

Giuliani’s associate continued by connecting Attorney General Bill Barr to the pressure campaign, saying that Giuliani had contacted the attorney general about the attempts to get Ukraine to announce a Biden investigation

“Barr had to have known everything,” he said. “Attorney General Barr was basically on the team.” Parnas also directly connected Trump to the Ukraine pressure campaign to investigate the Bidens, saying the president “knew exactly what was going on.”

Giuliani’s associate also claimed that the White House’s call for a Ukrainian investigation “was never about corruption.” Instead, it was focused solely on Burisma.