Kanye West’s New Buddy To Lead Boston Ex-Gay March

Earlier this week it was announced that Kanye West will rally with viciously anti-LGBT evangelicals Lou Engle and Cindy Jacobs. And speaking of Engle:

The next Freedom March will be held in Boston, Mass on a Saturday April 18th, 2020. Freedom March is a collection of individuals that once lived the LGBTQ lifestyle but decided to leave that identity according to their convictions.

Freedom March is a day of sharing these testimonies and then marching publicly in the downtown areas of cities. FM has already visited Washington D.C., Los Angeles, St. Paul, and Orlando. Founder Jeffrey McCall is excited that this upcoming FM will have Lou Engle as a partner.

“We honor Lou Engle and all he has accomplished in the body of Christ. For years he has been a guiding light standing up for truth, righteousness, and justice. It is so nice to have a general of God boldly step forward to partner with us!”