Joint Letter From Hate Groups: Don’t Allow Witnesses

From the Conservative Action Project:

Conservatives emphatically urge the Senate to reject additional witness testimony in the impeachment proceedings of President Donald Trump. It is time for the Senate to bring the proceedings to a close with a vote to acquit the president and return to the business of the American people.

As part of their impeachment inquiry, House Democrats issued over 40 subpoenas for witnesses. They presented their case as “overwhelming,” “compelling,” and “airtight.” It is nonsensical that they now want to re-open the investigation they have already credited themselves with closing.

Regarding former National Security Advisor, John Bolton, House Democrats had every opportunity to pursue a subpoena from Mr. Bolton after the House passed an impeachment resolution but declined. Moreover, House Democrats could have ultimately pursued subpoena enforcement in court. Once again, they did not.

It is a bizarre demand from Democrats that Senate Republicans now do the work that House Democrats failed to do. It also has the effect of dragging this impeachment process, already constitutionally deficient, months into the future.

It is high time for this sham impeachment to be put to rest. It is imperative that the Senate reject further witness testimony and move to acquit President Trump.

Signatories to the above include virtually all of the most viciously anti-LGBT hate group leaders: Tony Perkins, Mat Staver, Tim Wildmon, Austin Ruse, Gary Bauer, John Eastman, Greg Quinlan, and many more.

Plus a shitload of familiar far-right douchebags.