Jacob Wohl Vows To Enlist If US Goes To War With Iran

The Daily Beast reports:

Energetic but ineffectual young conservative operative Jacob Wohl is all-in on the prospect of war with Iran. Wohl is so into the idea, he told Right Richter that he’ll enlist in the military if the United States goes to war. “If we go to war with Iran, I will enlist within 10 days,” Wohl said in an Instagram direct message.

Wohl says he’ll consider the United States at war with Iran if Congress authorizes the war or Trump uses a previous military authorization to attack. As for what branch he’ll join, Wohl says “probably the Army.”

Any military recruiters, meanwhile, might be interested in Wohl’s history of faking death threats against himself, then reporting the bogus threats to law enforcement. In March, Wohl was caught faking threats with a dummy Twitter account during a trip to Minneapolis.