IOWA: Biden +6 Over Sanders In New Monmouth Poll

The Hill reports:

A new poll finds former Vice President Joe Biden alone at the top in Iowa, with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), former South Bend, Ind. Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) bunched together and vying for second place.

The latest Monmouth University survey of Iowa finds Biden at 24 percent, followed by Sanders at 18, Buttigieg at 17 and Warren at 15. Buttigieg led the same poll in November at 22 percent support, but has fallen by 5 points, while Warren has fallen by 3 points.

Biden and Sanders have each gained 5 points since November. Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) registers 8 percent support in the poll, a 3-point gain since November.

From Monmouth Polling:

A growing number of Iowa caucusgoers (43%) are firmly decided on their candidate choice. This is up from 28% who said the same in November. Another 13% say they are open to changing their minds but there is only a low possibility they will actually switch their support (up from 8% in November).

Currently, 4 in 10 voters still say there is at least a moderate chance they will support a different candidate on caucus night, including 11% who say this is a high possibility (down from 16% in November) and 28% who say this is a moderate possibility (down from 37%).

In November, Sanders was the only leading candidate with a majority of his supporters saying their choice was basically set. Now he is joined by the other top tier contenders, with a majority of their backers registering solid support, starting with Biden at 65% who are firm or have a low possibility of switching, Sanders at 61%, Buttigieg 59%, and Warren at 53%.