Hypocrisy Overload: WH Spox Rips Distrust Of US Intel

Mediaite reports:

When questioned about the purported information that proved Soleimani was planning major attacks against American forces in the region prior to his death, White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham noted that she could not go into any details but slammed those who are skeptical of the U.S. intelligence system.

“I know a lot of people are now questioning the intel, that’s really unfortunate,” she replied. “A lot of people are saying [about the strike], ‘To what benefit?’ I would answer that question: The benefit is to that we saved American lives. Saved members of the military, we saved diplomats, and a lot of families from having to welcome their loved ones home in coffins.”

Grisham did not mention Trump’s own history of “questioning the intel,” as he has led a crusade against U.S. intelligence services sense the dawn of his administration.