Homocon Charged In Anthrax Threat On NYC Gay Bar

The New York Daily News reports:

A wacko customer at a Manhattan gay bar mailed a powder-filled envelope with a message reading “It’s called anthrax. Enjoy,” to an employee after he was threatened with a ban from the watering hole, prosecutors charged Monday.

Unhinged patron Ameen Keshavjee, allegedly menaced the male employee at Nowhere Bar in the East Village starting in February. He bombarded the employee with harassing emails — and then sent the scary letter in December, prosecutors say.

“DIE OF AIDS, you leftie, hypocrite, democrat-voting FUCKS!!!!! I sincerely hope (the employee’s partner) gives it to you, you fucking disgrace to the planet! I will be there to pee on your individual coffins!” Keshavjee allegedly wrote on Feb. 25.

Keshavjee faces up to ten years in prison.