Hannity Threatens GOP Senators On Trial Witnesses

“They now get to present their case to all of you Republican senators, don’t make me start giving out the phone number. You need to understand here that their sole Constitutional role is they get to impeach. They have decided in their insanity and psychosis and rage to abuse that power and bring up what is a non-case.

“And just politicize this because they’re just obsessed and Nancy Pelosi needed to appease the radicalism rising within her base. That is not what your role is in the US senate. Your role is also very very clear, you are to run the trial. That’s it. That’s what your job is. It is not your job–at all– to redo their corrupt investigation.

“It’s not your job they present their case, let them bring in their one relevant witness, Ambassador Sondland, or read back his testimony. And do not– let them fail spectacularly, as they will, that’s your role. It starts Wednesday. Do your job. Show fidelity to the Constitution.” – Sean Hannity, on today’s radio show.