Hannity Producer Calls Meghan Markle “Uppity”

Media Matters has the transcript:

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): There’s something off here. Don’t you think there’s something off? Apparently William, his brother, said, “You know, you may be moving a little too fast, maybe slow it down,” apparently that didn’t go over well.

LYNDA MCLAUGHLIN: Yeah, I think his family thinks he’s an idiot, because he is. And I think that —

HANNITY: Why do you think he’s an idiot?

MCLAUGHLIN: Oh, Harry’s always been the red-headed child. He’s always been the one, he can’t get it together, he’s at the parties, the clubs, he’s a hot mess.

HANNITY: What I didn’t like in this whole thing — I’ll say one thing I didn’t like. I didn’t like that Meghan didn’t even get on the phone as she was in Canada, and she was invited to be a part of that meeting. That I didn’t like. That, to me is —

MCLAUGHLIN: Yeah, she’s very uppity. She’s — she’s one of those liberal elitists, you know?