France Confirms Europe’s First Cases Of Coronavirus

Reuters reports:

France confirmed on Friday its first two cases of the Wuhan coronavirus, with one patient being hospitalized in Paris and the other in the southwestern city of Bordeaux.

Health Minister Agnes Buzyn told a news conference these were the first two confirmed cases in Europe and that more cases were likely to occur in France.

Earlier, the charity SOS Medecins said it had treated a patient of Chinese origin who was showing symptoms of a fever and who said he had been in contact with people from Wuhan province in China, epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak.

The South China Morning Post reports:

Chinese embassies have urged citizens travelling overseas to comply with airport health checks put in place in response to the coronavirus outbreak

It comes after a woman from Wuhan posted photos of herself at a restaurant in France on social media, saying she had been feeling ill when she traveled to the country so she took medication to bring down her temperature before arriving at the airport.

Her post met with criticism on social media, and the Chinese embassy in France responded on Wednesday night with a notice calling on citizens to comply with border checks.

The Telegraph reports:

The Chinese embassy in Paris said it had tracked down the woman from Wuhan, who it called Mrs Yan, and who boasted that she took tablets to pass airport health checks.

On social media, she said she had been suffering from a fever but managed to mask her symptoms with medicine and travel to Lyon, southeastern France, for a slap-up gastronomic meal.

Recounting her journey on WeChat, she wrote: “Finally I can have a good meal, I feel like I’ve been starving for two days. When you are in a gourmet city of course you have to eat Michelin [food].”