Fox Host Warns Of Civil War Over VA Gun Laws [VIDEO]

“The only difference between these gun control Democrats is how quickly they want to take your guns. Some want to chip away at your rights and others want to trick you into thinking that you’ll be happy with just a few more laws and regulations. Either way, it’s a trap.

“Now look, I certainly do not advocate for any protest or demonstration to become violent or anything other than peaceful. I also understand this is what will happen if politicians start encroaching on our rights. Some people will respond peacefully and others will not.

You start a confiscation or ‘mandatory buy-back’ and you’ll have a civil war in this country. Nobody wants that so stop coming for the Second Amendment.” – Fox News host Tomi Lahren, last night.

Lahren recently appeared on JMG when she declared that the authorities should always be ready to shoot immigrants.