Felon GOP Rep’s Crime Took Down His Entire Family

The Buffalo News reports:

Chris Collins didn’t just destroy his congressional career and put himself at risk of imprisonment when he called his son Cameron to share an inside stock tip in June 2017. He destroyed his dream that his son would be his political heir.

And he led Cameron and his future father-in-law into a scheme that turned them into felons, destroyed the careers of some of their loved ones and postponed for years the wedding of the couple that hopes to bear Chris Collins’ grandchildren someday.

Those are some of the bitter – and, in some cases, newly revealed – facts that emerge from hundreds of pages of letters from those caught up in the Collins scandal and their friends. Cameron Collins’ lawyers and those who represent Stephen Zarsky, Cameron’s co-conspirator and father of his fiance, filed the letters along with memos about their clients in federal court in Manhattan last week.

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