FBI: Nazis Plotted Opening Fire At Virginia Gun Rally

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Three suspected neo-Nazis who were arrested this week in Maryland and Delaware discussed opening fire at a scheduled pro-gun rally Monday at Virginia’s state Capitol, according to local law officials. Three other men were also arrested in Georgia this week and have been linked to the same group as the men who allegedly planned the attack at Virginia capitol. All six of the men are believed to be connected to a violent, white supremacist group called “the Base.”

On Wednesday, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) declared a state of emergency, temporarily banning firearms near state Capitol grounds in Richmond. “These threats are real — as evidenced by reports of neo-Nazis arrested this morning after discussing plans to head to Richmond with firearms,” Northam said Thursday. Earlier on Friday, a pair of gun rights groups filed an emergency appeal of a judge’s ruling that upheld Northam’s decision.