Dennis Prager: Leftism Makes Young People Unhappy

“More than a third of Americans born after 1980 affiliate with no religion. This is unprecedented in American history; until this generation, the vast majority of Americans have been religious. Maybe, just maybe, the death of religion — the greatest provider of meaning, while certainly not the only — is the single biggest factor in the increasing sadness and loneliness among Americans (and so many others).

“A 2016 study published in the American Medical Association JAMA Psychiatry journal found that American women who attended a religious service at least once a week were five times less likely to commit suicide. Common sense suggests the same is true of men.

“The bottom line: The reason so many young people are depressed, unhappy and angry is the left has told them that God and Judeo-Christian religions are nonsense; their country is largely evil; their past is deplorable; and their future is hopeless. Unlike Judaism and Christianity, leftism does not bring its adherents happiness.” – Dennis Prager, writing for Townhall.

Prager recently appeared on JMG when he declared LGBT activism is worse than slavery.

That same week he claimed that young men grow beards because “the left has crapped on masculinity.”

Prior to that we quoted his declaration that “leftism makes people meaner.”

And before that, he was quoted here when he told his followers that sending their children to college will only “alienate them from Jesus and America.”