Catholic League Blows Up Over “MAGA Church” Video

Just in from hate group leader Bill Donohue:

George Conway, the man whom no one would know of were it not for his successful wife, hates President Trump. Few care. But we do care when his mania seeks to drive a wedge between Catholics and evangelicals. That is exactly what his latest video attempts to do.

The Lincoln Project, of which Conway is a part, has posted a video online that portrays evangelicals as hypocrites for backing such an un-Christian man like President Trump. There is one part of the video—all the clips are spliced together in classic out-of-context form—that is particularly offensive. It implies that Trump (who was a presidential candidate at the time) called the pope a “pussy.” He never did.

Trump’s comment was actually a restatement of what a woman said about Sen. Ted Cruz at a rally. This kind of propaganda—it is vintage Catholic baiting—by George Conway tells us much about the man. He wants Catholics to think that Trump insulted the pope, thus driving them away from the president’s evangelical supporters. The man must be desperate to stoop this low.

The “pussy” bit starts at 1:10. Whether the editing is deceptive is anybody’s call, but note that Bill “Sanctity Of Marriage” Donohue has never once called out Trump’s serial adultery, his payments to porn stars, or any of his literally thousands of lies.