Biden: Sanders Should Apologize For “Doctored” Video

NBC News reports:

Former Vice President Joe Biden demanded an apology Saturday from the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign for circulating what he called a “doctored” video misconstruing his record on Social Security.

Biden, a Democratic rival for the nomination, responded to a question from a woman who told him she received a call from a campaign questioning Biden’s position on Social Security and Medicare. He told an audience that “Bernie’s people” had circulated a video that falsely suggested he agreed in 2018 with then-House Speaker Paul Ryan’s position to dismantle the benefits.

“But it is simply a lie that video that is going around, and ask anybody in the press, it’s a flat lie. They’ve acknowledged that this is a doctored tape,” Biden said before pointing to a PolitiFact article outlining falsehoods from the Sanders campaign.

Last week the Biden campaign said he was mocking Paul Ryan when he brought it up. The full context and tone of Biden’s remarks can be seen below. PolitiFact has rated Sanders’ claim as “False” – which is one step above their “Pants On Fire” rating.