Biden Eviscerates Trump On Iran: His Self-Defeating “America First” Dogmatism Has Come Home To Roost

The Associated Press reports:

Former Vice President and Democratic presidential front-runner Joe Biden excoriated President Donald Trump on Tuesday, calling the president’s approach to Iran erratic, devoid of strategy and not fully explained to the American people.

“President Trump has no strategy here, no endgame,” Biden said in a terse speech delivered in New York. “His constant mistakes and poor decision-making have left the United States with a limited slate of options moving forward. And most of those options are bad.”

“There is a smart way to counter Iran and a self-defeating way,” Biden said. “And Trump’s approach is, in my view, demonstrably the latter. We are alone,” Biden said. “At this most dangerous time when we should be rallying our allies, President Trump’s ‘America First’ dogmatism has come home to roost.”