Bernie’s Bucks Give Campaign Advantage During Trial

NBC News reports:

Bernie Sanders’ war chest, including his field-leading $34.5 million haul in the last quarter of 2019, allows him flexibility that other contenders can’t match — including the use of private jets to ferry him back and forth for late rallies in early states.

“They’re not going to be meeting at night [for the trial], so we can obviously fly from D.C. to states and hold events in the evening and fly back, you know, so he can be back in the morning to do his work in the Senate,” Sanders campaign adviser Jeff Weaver told NBC News.

“He’s an energetic candidate,” Weaver added. “He has a very vigorous schedule, and, you know, he can do that.” Sanders can also call upon a network of surrogates and endorsers with track records of drawing big crowds among progressives, most notably three members of “the Squad.”