ALASKA: Court Advances Bid To Recall GOP Governor

Courthouse News reports:

An Anchorage Superior Court judge on Friday directed Alaska’s Division of Elections to allow the effort to recall Governor Mike Dunleavy to proceed. Judge Eric Aarseth directed the division to distribute petition books no later than Feb. 10. Recall supporters gathered more than 49,000 signatures, nearly twice as many as the 28,501 required to submit the petition that lays out the grounds for a recall – neglect of duties, incompetence and lack of fitness to be governor.

They claim Dunleavy, a Republican, broke Alaska law by refusing to appoint a judge to the Palmer Superior Court within 45 days of receiving nominations; violated separation of powers by improperly using line-item vetoes to attack the court system after an abortion ruling he did not like; and prevents the Legislature from upholding its constitutional health, education and welfare responsibilities.

Mike Dunleavy first appeared on JMG last year when he successfully lobbied Trump to pressure the EPA into allowing mining in wild salmon fisheries.