2016: Dershowitz Predicted Trump Would Be “Corrupt”

CNN’s K-File reports:

Law professor Alan Dershowitz, who is a member of President Donald Trump’s impeachment defense team, said in 2016 that he believed Trump was more corrupt than Hillary Clinton and more likely to continue being corrupt as president. Dershowitz spoke on the Senate floor Monday in defense of the President. He made the 2016 comments during an appearance on the Trending Today USA radio show when asked about The Clinton Foundation. Dershowitz vocally supported Clinton for president at the time.

“When you compare that to what Trump has done with Trump University, with so many other things, I think there’s no comparison between who has engaged in more corruption and who is more likely to continue that if elected President of the United States,” Dershowitz said. “So I think what we’re doing is we’re comparing, we’re saying, look, neither candidate is anywhere close to perfect, let’s vote for the less bad candidate.”