17 Million Fuck-Offs: Pro And Anti-Brexit Songs Battle For Top Slot On UK Pop Chart On “Brexit Day” [VIDEO]

A Brexit battle has unfolded on Britain’s pop charts:

Comedian Dominic Frisby is in a singles chart race as the UK prepares to leave the European Union. On the eve of the UK’s multiple-times-delayed exit from the bloc, he is currently sitting at both number 2 and number 3 in download singles charts with different versions of the same song, 17 Million Fuck-Offs.

However, his comic ditty is currently being outsold by an André Rieu recording of Beethoven’s classical masterpiece commonly known as Ode To Joy, which has been adopted as the official anthem of the EU.

Frisby, who will perform at a Brexit celebratory event in Parliament Square, Westminster, as withdrawal hour approaches, says: “It’s me, an ordinary bloke who wrote a tune with his mate one day, up against a subsidised German colossus. Not a bad metaphor for Brexit.