Watchdog Group: Trump Lifted Argentina Tariffs While They Considered Two Trump Organization Trademarks

From the government watchdog group CREW:

Donald Trump’s business received approval for two new trademarks in Argentina on November 6, according to a trademark database review by CREW. These are the first Argentinian trademarks that have been granted to one of Trump’s companies since he took office. A closer examination of the time frame surrounding the application and registration of these trademarks reveals that they coincided with the Trump administration’s reversals on tariffs on Argentina.

Trump’s business applied for the trademarks on in late December 2017. Shortly after the close of the trademark opposition period, in May of 2018, the United States reached a deal with Argentina and a few other countries to permanently eliminate tariffs on aluminum and steel, on the condition that the countries agreed to limit steel exports.

After Argentina approved the trademarks in November, the Trump administration restored the tariffs on steel and aluminum. The president defended this abrupt action on Twitter, claiming that Argentina manipulated its currency, making it cheaper to purchase its exports abroad. Economic experts and officials from both countries denied these claims.