Trump Retweets Meme Claiming He Was Sent By God

The Independent reports:

Donald Trump has promoted a post claiming he is “heaven sent” and suggesting Barack Obama “kicked” Jesus out of the US in a string of tweets just days after Christmas.

The president spent some of his Friday evening retweeting praise for himself, including one post from January 2018 with a picture of a man who appears to be Jesus Christ and a caption saying: “Obama kicked me out. Trump invited me back.”

Mr Trump’s decision to share the post follows a number of current and former Trump administration officials who have suggested the president was sent by God.

The Huffington Post reports:

The tweet included a meme of none other than “Jesus Christ” carrying luggage and apparently returning to America (did he have to cross a border to get there?).

Trump is focused just now on boosted his bona fides with evangelicals following a scathing editorial earlier this month in Christianity Today.

It’s unknown how Trump came across the tweet, which was posted just under two years ago.