Trump Has Tweet-Raged 100+ Times Already Today

Politico reports:

Just hours before a House panel was set to approve articles of impeachment against him, President Donald Trump flexed his Twitter fingers, blasting out more than 80 tweets and retweets in less than three hours, and covering everything from the impeachment proceedings and trade to his upset for TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year honor.

The deluge began, as most Trump tweetstorms do, with a reference to a segment on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” at 6:51 a.m. He then proceeded to fire off dozens of tweets, reposting supportive messages from his most strident defenders and attorney Rudy Giuliani. This comes after another barrage on Sunday, when he sent 105 tweets before the clock struck midnight.

As of this writing, Trump has tweeted 107 times today and it’s still early in the afternoon.