Tony Perkins: Don’t Just Boycott LGBT-Friendly Stores, Be Sure To Also Hassle Their Corporate Management

Hate group leader Tony Perkins tonight issued an endorsement of 2nd Vote’s command to boycott Chick-Fil-A (two posts below this one), but Perkins takes things a goosestep farther.

You may not know what to buy this Christmas, but do you know where to buy? Thanks to our friends at 2nd Vote, you can shop for presents without sabotaging your values in the process. So, make your list — but check this one twice!

Most shoppers can’t even walk through the store anymore without being hit over the head with a radical social agenda. Transgender Oreos with a pronoun guide? LGBT pride Listerine? And dozens more.

Some people will say, “We’ll be naked and hungry if we stop shopping at every place with a liberal agenda. Why bother?” But just because you can’t steward everything doesn’t mean you shouldn’t steward anything.

But make sure that when you stop doing business with companies that attack your values, send a letter telling them so. Don’t let your money be used against you. This season, shop — but don’t drop — your values!