Pro-Trump Site Blames Impeachment On Bitchy Women

From the right wing site American Thinker:

Educated suburban women hate President Trump’s Twitter insults. Why is that? It is because women do not have a Culture of Insult. They have a Culture of Complaint. In other words, women don’t confront someone that has insulted them.

No. They complain about it to a third person, as in “I can’t believe President Trump tweeted that.” And the complaint ripples through the “hive mind” of the community of women, and sooner or later the culprit is named, shamed, and shunned. Or, as we now say, “impeached.”

Do you see what I am saying? I am saying that the whole cancel culture, from “he’s a racist” to “he hurt my feelings” is a girl thing. It issues from the fact that woman’s honor derives from her reputation for chastity, for being a good little girl, for always doing what teacher says.

At the link, you’ll see that the author contends that men have a “Culture of Insult” in which, presumably, you win arguments by physically assaulting your critics until they agree with you. (Via Right Wing Watch)