One Million Moms: Send Money To Fund Censorship

Just in from hate group leader Monica Cole:

The Lord has called us to stand for His truth and His righteousness. No matter what changes come to our nation, God is changeless and by His grace, One Million Moms will continue to stand firm on His Word.

Would you help us to continue these important efforts? As you know, 1MM is 100% donor funded, and we depend heavily on year-end donations. Together, and with God’s help, we are taking a stand and making a tremendous impact in our country!

Your tax deductible and confidential end-of-the-year gift is greatly needed for 1MM to start the New Year with adequate resources to remain strong! 1MM can never thank you enough for your generosity, but we will always try. We pray, follow our prayers with obedience and faith, and trust God with the outcome. That is winning! That is victory!

To encourage all of us in that pattern of Christian living in 2020, I want to offer you 20 Prayers for 2020. It’s a prayer plan based on Matthew Henry’s classic “A Method of Prayer.” For a generous gift, I will send you a 10-pack of these prayer cards.

Among 2019’s censorship “victories,” Cole’s email claims that they forced Netflix to cancel 13 Reasons Why and that they caused KitKat to remove “vulgar” lyrics from an ad jingle. Her money beg also includes a link to their Hallmark Channel boycott petition.