Nutbag Actor Jon Voight Claims God Mandated That Trump Should Rule, Trump Then Seal-Claps In Approval

Mediaite reports:

Trump posted a social media tribute to Hollywood actor Jon Voight on Friday — just nine days after Voight posted a video praising the president and claiming the “extreme left are destroying this nation’s glory.”

The president made the post just over a week after Voight released a bizarre video which insinuated Trump was mandated by God.

“There is a God. There is a truth. This left wing lacks truth and they’re afraid of Trump’s truth to save this country. Let us all stand with God, with President Trump, and ask the Holy light of God and Jesus for their prayers,” Voight proclaimed in his video.

Voight first appeared on JMG in 2009 for this:

“Barack Obama is taking away God’s first gift to man, our free will. And no man, no matter what his title, even if he’s the president of the United States, has the consent of God to say he’s God.”