New York State Court Swats Down Anti-Vax Lawsuit

Bloomberg Law reports:

A judge in Albany, N.Y., upheld a state law boosting vaccine requirements, dismissing a case brought by parents who don’t want their children vaccinated and say the measure violates their religious rights.

Under the law, parents are required to have their children vaccinated before they can attend school or day care, unless they have a medical condition that justifies not getting the vaccine. The measure, passed in June amid a measles outbreak, eliminated religious exemptions from the vaccine requirements.

Courthouse News reports:

“Vaccines ensure the health and safety of our children, our families, and our communities,” Attorney General Letitia James said in a statement. “This law will help protect New Yorkers from experiencing any additional public health crises, which is why we vigorously defended it. We are pleased with the decision by the court.”

New York passed changed its vaccine rules in June as two Jewish orthodox communities in New York became the epicenter of the country’s biggest measles outbreak in over two decades. While the state continues to honor medical exemptions, parents can no longer use religious objections to enroll their unvaccinated children in school.