New York Judge Tosses Charges Against Manafort

CNBC reports:

A judge on Wednesday dismissed New York state criminal charges filed against Paul Manafort, the fallen Republican lobbyist who served for several months as President Donald Trump’s campaign chief in 2016.

Judge Maxwell Wiley said during a hearing in Manhattan Supreme Court that New York’s double-jeopardy law barred the state indictment against Manafort.

The Washington Post reports:

Manafort, 70, who was previously convicted in a pair of federal cases related to special counsel Robert S. Muller III’s investigation of election interference in 2016, was hospitalized in recent days and was from appearing in court.

Manafort’s lawyers argued that the Republican political consultant embroiled in the 2016 election scandal was already charged and convicted of the same crimes in one of his federal cases — a tax and bank fraud case tried in federal court in Alexandria, Va.