Napolitano Thinks Trump Will Testify On Own Behalf

I don’t believe it but it WOULD be terrific:

Fox News analyst Andrew Napolitano told America’s Newsroom that he believes President Donald Trump will testify in the now-likely impeachment trial.

“If you go to a Senate trial, who testifies on behalf of the president?” anchor Bill Hemmer asked Napolitano on Thursday. “Himself,” Napolitano responded. “You believe that could happen?” Hemmer asked.

“I do,” Napolitano said. “I think it will be the most dramatic, legal political event in the history of our era. With the president of the United States testifying under oath in front of the chief justice and the full Senate and 200 million people watching on television.”

There is ZERO chance Trump could speak under oath for more than ten seconds without committing perjury.