Nancy Pelosi Rips Head Off Right Wing Reporter: Don’t You Mess With Me When It Comes To “Hating” Trump

The Guardian reports:

House speaker Nancy Pelosi was walking away from her podium to end her weekly press conference when a reporter shouted a question about whether Democrats “hate” the president.

Pelosi quickly turned on her heel to address the reporter directly, angrily telling him that she did not hate the president and that she resented him for using the word. “I don’t hate anyone,” the House speaker said, citing her Catholic upbringing. “I still pray for the president,” she added.

Pelosi threw a number of insults Trump’s way, calling the president a “coward” on gun violence, among other things. But she emphasized she did not hate the president. “So don’t mess with me when it comes to a word like that,” Pelosi told the reporter. And with that, she walked out.

The reporter is from the very right wing Sinclair Media, who has Trump’s ballsack in their mouth at all times.