Megachurch To Bury 2 Year-Old After Seven Days Of Social Media Pleas For God To Raise Her From The Dead

From the far-right Charisma News:

After a week of praying for a resurrection miracle, Bethel Church is now planning a memorial service for 2-year-old Olive Alayne Heiligenthal.

The little girl’s mother, Bethel worship leader Kalley Heiligenthal, posted a call to prayer on Instagram last Sunday, Dec. 15. Her daughter had stopped breathing the day before, after which doctors pronounced her dead. But Kalley and her husband, Andrew, believed God for a miracle.

She urged people to pray that God would raise Olive from the dead. The Bethel community rallied around the Heiligenthals, crying out to God with them and believing for a resurrection miracle. For five days, Kalley declared on Instagram that it was a great day for resurrection.

Per Wikipedia, Bethel has 11,500 members. The hashtag #WakeUpOlive has trended nationally in recent days.